1. 1. Expensive wine is better.
    We accept that there is a right. But wine prices are not determined by quality alone. There is also a brand image, points, and promotion through the famous taste. On the other hand, wine is not loud and not expensive, it can give you a good taste. For example, Argentine malbecs red wine, which sells very well.
  2. 2. Luxury bottle pair of fine wine.
    A glass of wine means that the wine is invested with the package. This will add up to the price tag. But that does not mean the taste is good. Mostly ripe grapes, sweet, intense berries that are long lasting in oak barrels. Some people may like it. But not for everyone 
  3. 3. Wine box look tasteless.
    Is a conservative idea Stretch with the price without looking at that. Wine boxes reduce shipping costs and bottle costs. Not about the quality of wine, now the popularity of box wines is beginning to increase by up to 50 percent in Australia, Sweden, Norway and Brazil. America has increased sales.
  4. 4. Sweet wine for beginners only.
    It's not true anymore. The world's finest wines in the wine are exquisitely sweet, such as sauternes, icewines and trockenbeerenausleses. 
  5. 5. You must serve red wine with meat and white wine with fish.
    It is a basic knowledge with exceptions. High fat fish, tuna or swordfish. Red wine with moderate body, rather than white wine. And it is possible to match white wine with steak if the taste is perfect. The chenin blanc-like white wine has a spicy flavor to fight the steak.
  6. 6. All kinds of wine, the longer it lasts, the better.
    The wine you keep the bottle for years, in the hope of increasing quality and value. It may waste time because 90 percent of the world's wines should be consumed within 1-2 years of the bottled date. And drinkers prefer fresh wine. 
  7. 7. It is embarrassing to put ice into wine.
    Nodding drinkers will look at the eyeballs as soon as you see the ice in a glass of wine. Because it looks completely tasteless. But there are many opportunities to do so. For example, fill in spirits like the time we drink a Scotch or a bundle. Wine chilling also pulls out the taste. And refreshing in hot weather.
  8. 8. Champagne is for special occasions only.
    Try asking yourself why wait. When champagne is a multi-functional wine with a variety of food. Vegetables and seafood are good. Price is not that expensive. Sparkling wine bottles of three hundred to six hundred baht are available.
  9. 9. Bigger bottle
    Wrong belief This is due to the fact that the Italian and French wines come in thicker, heavier jars. Serious and expensive Make the drink feel good. But in fact, the price comes from the transport. Time to pour heavy when the wrist is empty. 
  10. 10. The glass must match the type of wine.
    Not even a glass of tulip. Or a narrow mouth to help send. The aroma of wine to your nose better. But it is not enough to find a glass of wine to taste the tongue. Or what is the size Buying a typical wine glass is now available.